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- the artist(s) NYS GEERT
- the exhibition Moving Forward, looking back
- the period 05/06/2015 > 28/06/2015

Geert Nys is fascinated by repetitive and / or geometrical structures that he discovers in the world around him, a world who's DNA he unravels into painted patterns. At first sight his patterns seem purely abstract, but at closer watch we can sometimes link it to our visual reality. Depending on our knowledge and experience we recognize the picture or topic. The artist sees these images as 'neutral' icons that have no function, but they do claim our attention and intrigue us by their 'beauty'. Geert Nys works with templates. He has had multiple exhibitions in Belgium and abroad. His work balances between POP and OP art, but is always imbued with a great silence and a quest for simplicity.