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- the artist(s) CEUPPENS MARCEL
- the exhibition Everyman
- used media digital paintings
- the period 01/03/2013 > 31/03/2013
- website http://www.marcelceuppens.com/

Marcel Cuyppens explores themes od disconnection, complacency and detachment as a universal aspect of day-to-day existence. Centered around a faceless man situated within different dream-like locations, the paintings seem to beg the question: "where is one's place in the world?" Marcel Ceuppens' paintings all seem to illicit a sense of sublime suspension, as if passing through a familiar yet undefinable void. They are reminiscent of a dream where elements of your surroundings are recognizable, yet the environment in its entirety is a fabrication. Masterfully illustrated, these images attest to Marcel Ceuppens's ability to extract a sensation and develop it into a statement. The result is a variety of paintings that all have a feeling of disconnection and loneliness."