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- de kunstenaar (s) O'SULLIVAN-TYRELL Helen
- de expositie Heartlands
- gebruikte technieken schilderijen
- de periode 18/11/2011 > 24/12/2011

Heartland refers to the landscape and the heartscape; the imagined and the perceived. Most of the paintings in this exhibition are in the tradition of landscape painting through a contemporary eye. The places depicted are not all specific locations but places in time, memories and emotions evoked. I have drawn on the natural beauty around Tervuren as well as the places of my childhood in Ireland. They serve to remind us of the fragility of the land and the dangers that 'progress' poses. Indeed some of our most precious natural habitats are under threat from building developments in our own community of Tervuren.The portraits and figure paintings, as with the landscape paintings, show the fleeting passage of time and the transience of childhood. I have exhibited in Geneva, Dublin and Brussels, this is my first exhibition at the Charlotte van Lorreinen Gallery.