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- de kunstenaar (s) Nancy De Clercq - Odette Messager - Sophie Huysentruyt
- de expositie FUSION
- gebruikte technieken diverse technieken
- de periode 22/04/2022 > 24/04/2022
- vernissage 22/04/2022 (6-22.00 pm)

Biography Nancy De Clercq - English Nancy has always been a creative person. As a child she loved playing with colours. During all her life she practiced a lot of different types of creative expressions. This goes from textile explorations, ceramics, photography, painting and all kinds of art techniques. Willing to share this passion Nancy has been teaching to children to explore and create with their own minds and hands. The small things that surround us in the world, have inspired her for the art works shown at this exhibition. We hope that you will enjoy these colourful creations as much as Nancy adored making them! Studied painting and graduated in Art Orientation at the BKO Overijse Graduated for Textile Exploration at Sintra Brussels Lives and works in Hoeilaart Odette Watshini Messager was born in 1967 in Kinshasa to a Congolese mother and a French father. She was brought up in a world of Congolese influences and impregnated with European culture. Odette Watshini Messager's feminine universe, both intimate and committed, is expressed in figurative paintings where the artist expresses her multiple origins. Through her art, she expresses the positive aspects of her African identity. Her inspiration derives from the African woman. Afterwards she creates from her commitments, her feelings, her travels, the memory she wants to transmit, her body and her encounters. She owes her taste for painting and especially drawing to the painter and drawing teacher Antoine Tricon (Fluoman 1952-2005), whose drawing classes she attended. The artist creates figurative art using a mixed technique. In her works there is a freedom of colour and a multitude of different materials such as wood, fabric, sand, aluminium, plaster, paper, gel and many others. (different exhibitions) SOPHIE HUYSENTRUYT Sophie is a painter and photographer; Has exhibited works in Sao Paolo & Natal in Brazil, Maun & Gaborone in Botswana and Overijse in Belgium. Photos published in LA Photo curator and jury selection Lensculture. Student at the art academy in Kortrijk, RHOk art school Brussels, BKO art academy Overijse and An Gollifer studios Gaborone. Collages of own photos, drawings, digitally manipulated with ink, oil paint, acrylic paint, glitter. "Currently I'm doing an ongoing research from the series called "S-HE-Topia".