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Current exhibition

Touch me
from 31/05 until 30/06/2024

Katrien Windey

She paints with oil paint. The medium of the classical painter, where you refine the image layer after layer, make the matter tangible, can touch the skin... She opts for oil paint that paints nice and slowly and precisely and also for color that radiates with hope.

She does this in line with what inspired her entire life: connecting with people near and far and being inspired by them. We see tableaux with only people in them.

And if no one stands up, then someone has just passed by. But she rarely paints the entire person, full-length, usually a cut-out of an image: a close-up.

Two hands – Four hands – A back – Only the feet – or a twisted torso. In this way she provides pieces of a puzzle. And half a word is enough for brains. The brain itself fills in the missing gaps in the story to create its own story. And so it will be a universal story in the hope that it touches you!

Fran Buyen - Poetry

je danst de wereld in balans  60x40 V.jpg
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