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History & origin


The Art Gallery 'Charlotte van Lorreinen' is focused on contemporary art in all its different forms.
You will find paintings, sculptures and other hybrid subjects. The art medium can be all kinds from classic materials such as oil, pastel, wood, metal and glass until organic materials but also industrial or composite materials.


Art Gallery Charlotte van Lorreinen refers to two historical figures who lived in Tervuren :

Charles of Lorraine (1712 - 1780)
He lives in our memory as a young scion of the famous Lorraine family, heirs to the throne of the Hapsburg Empire. All his life he resided in the castle of Tervuren. He had a large interest in science and arts, organised a lot of events and at the same time was not afraid to conceive different monuments such as 'the Horseshoe', 'the Manufactury',...

Princess Charlotte of Belgium (1840 - 1927)

The daughter of Leopold I married Maximilian of Austria and became empress from Mexico. Upon her return she lived a short time in the Palace of Tervuren.During that period a fire accident took place in the Palace.



Looking for a suitable place to pop-up ?
The gallery Charlotte van Lorreinen in Tervuren has it all:
the space, the possibilities and the free dates!
Have a look here and learn all about it.

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